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Individual teaching

Single Lessons


The fastest and most individual model to learn German


You don't want to book a German course in a group and would like to have individual lessons? The online one-on-one lessons at GermanStudios offer you the highest quality of German lessons, as we focus entirely on you in one-on-one lessons. Through this promotion you will be able to quickly improve your German, transform your weaknesses with the German language into your strengths and quickly become a professional German speaker.


All individual lessons are always arranged individually with you, so that German lessons can be integrated perfectly into your calendar. Would you like to book German lessons with your partner or friend? This is not a problem either, write us for your individual request.

3 good reasons for SinglE German lessons


Individual support and improvement of your own German skills

In our one-on-one German lessons you have the opportunity to improve your skills individually. Through the close contact with the teacher and the fact of being the only student you achieve the highest possible progress and success in learning German.


Personalised exam preparation for TELC or Goethe testing

Based on our many years of experience, we know exactly what an exam preparation should look like and what the content of an exam is. In our one-on-one lessons, we will quickly help you prepare for an exam so that you can pass the exam successfully.


German lessons arranged to fit your 
personal needs

If you prefer a personal atmosphere in your German lessons, we recommend our individual lessons. We can tailor your personal schedule based in your personal needs. In one-on-Plus we help you  encourage you to speak German with confidence.


Keyboard and Mouse

Why Choose online Lessons at
German STudios?

Rapid success and progress in writing and speaking
Flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world
Unique teaching methods and individual support for learning German
Examined teacher of a university of excellence with years of experience
Access to your own e-learning platform
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