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Why GermanStudios? Why we make German courses unique!

Many of our students see learning the German language as a challenge. We want to learn German together with you and show you that teaching German at GermanStudios is not as challenging as you might think, but much more fun, because you will reach your goals quickly and will be able to see an improvement in your German language after every German lesson.

A point that makes us special as a language school are the small German courses. In our courses there are a maximum of eight students who want to learn German. This means that you are always in the center of attention, you can ask any question you want, and we take enough time for each student every hour. This makes you feel more comfortable in our German lessons, is not afraid to ask questions and always has the feeling that we support you.

Another thing we’ve noticed over the years is that it makes a big difference how you teach German. Thanks to our experience and our cultural understanding, we have developed special learning methods that we use in our German lessons, for example to explain German grammar as easily as possible, but at the same time as effectively as possible. We also try to talk about current topics at any time so that you can apply your skills in everyday life. We attach great importance to the fact that you can use the German language. It is of no use to you or to us if you only learn the theory but cannot gain any practical experience. That is why we have many communication exercises in our German classes.

We also want to review real situations with you, help you with official papers, show you what is the difference between formal and informal German language.

We won't leave you alone and can very well understand that moving to a new country, with a new language and culture is a challenge. That is exactly why we are here for you.

Many of our students have been able to find an apartment here, overcome challenging situations, and we don't mean the German courses, they are not challenging at GermanStudios, but we make them accessible to you, and build a new life here.

Our cooperation with major companies and embassies in Berlin is also an indicator of the quality we can offer in our German courses.

Our motto is that every student is supported at all times and is not considered a paying customer. We do not focus on quantity but on quality, on a comfortable atmosphere, on learning progress and on fundamental knowledge, which we teach our German students. Join us and master the German language in our German courses without it being overwhelming or too exhausting.

Make new friends and feel at home, with GermanStudios

The online German course at GermanStudios is much more than just a German lesson.

Many of our students have already shared their experience and written us a review. We highly recommend you read them to get an even better insight into GermanStudios and our German course structure.

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