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Why do I prefer intensive German courses as a teaching model?

For me, the intensive German courses, i.e. courses that take place 4 times a week, are very effective, although they can of course be very challenging for the students. However, my structure with two hours per class day is very helpful for many of my students and especially because of the two hours not overwhelming. Another important advantage and also difference to many other language schools is my limited group size. I prefer to focus on quality, not quantity, so there can be a maximum of 8 students in my German course. I know schools where there are up to 21 students in one class. Whether this is so effective and not perhaps only aimed at turnover, is so open to question.

Having German four times a week supports you enormously in your learning process if you want to learn the German language. With the right balance of effective teaching, small repetitions as homework and additional material for self-learning, my German students complete their courses very successfully and very satisfied. Have you ever seen the ratings on Google? Maybe a little tip to get an impression. By the way, you can find more learning material on my Instagram page, link can be found here.


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