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Learn German with the learning methods of GermanStudios!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Learning German is a challenge, but with our learning methods we make it easier for you.

GermanStudios is particularly distinguished by the fact that we attach great importance to supporting our students at all times and particularly individually.

Based on their mother tongue and cultural influences, every German student learns a little differently. Therefore, it is particularly important that different learning methods are used, so that our students feel comfortable in our German course and learn German quickly and successfully. We are often asked what is the most effective way to learn vocabulary, for example, during German lessons and after the German course. That’s why we want to report on this in our article today and share our experience from our German courses with you.

Tips and tricks for learning German vocabulary in German courses:

By learning vocabulary from German words, it is particularly important to categorize the vocabulary. In our German course, we always recommend that our students create word groups so that the vocabulary is combined with the same word group.

We have included an example here in our blog.

In these word groups you can easily write nouns, verbs and adjectives.

It is important for the nouns that you also write the article and the plural version. For verbs we always recommend to write an example sentence and also for adjectives. Here it would be best if you always write a noun with a verb or an adjective in a sentence. If you are a beginner and have just started learning German, it might be a bit too complicated to write sentences. A list of the words and the corresponding word group is sufficient.

We’ve got a little tip for you. You know already that the nouns have three different articles, so mark the nouns in three different colors, depending on the article.

For example, mark the masculine article “der” with the color blue, the neutral article “das”with the color green and the feminine article“die”with the color red. These three colors are also used exactly in this order in many German books. Then you won’ t be confused in future German lessons.

Here is a short example:

Wortgruppe: Möbel


der Stuhl /die Stühle,

das Regal / die Regale

die Kommode / die Kommoden

das Material / die Materialien


wohnen, sitzen, kaufen


teuer, günstig, schön, groß, klein

Example sentence:

Der Stuhl ist groß.

Ich kaufe die Kommode.


One tip we would like to give you as a small gift is that you put up small notes in your apartment, on which you always write the item with the correct article and the plural form. You then stick the note to the thing you like and you can read the word everyday.

You can do this more in detail. Add the color and the material on the note or maybe even a sentence.

Example for note in your apartment:

der Schrank / die Schränke


das Holz

"Der Schrank ist groß und aus Holz."

We hope we were able to help you with our little vocabulary tricks. We will share even more learning methods with you so that you can become a successful German learner.

Our German students use these learning methods regularly in our German course and are very enthusiastic about them. Feel free to send an e-mail to GermanStudios–language school for learning German in Berlin.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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