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Hey, We're 

Timo Enkirch is an academically trained language teacher, who founded GermanStudios in Berlin to teach German in a personalized, caring, and more enjoyable way for students.

GermanStudios was founded by Timo (me), who has been an experienced teacher for many years and has been educated by a university of excellence. My teaching methods are unique, as are each of my courses. Through very special learning strategies, I created the opportunity to learn German more easily than ever before.


After a short time, you will notice that your German has improved and that the German course at GermanStudios has been absolutely worthwhile. I attach great importance to the fact that the courses are small, so that you always have the time and space to ask all your questions and that your questions can be answered. I founded GermanStudios to create a new way of learning German.


Learning German has never been easier than at GermanStudios. Come aboard and let’s go the way German to learn together and successfully. 

I am excited to see you online!

Welcome to Our Classroom Teacher Photo Poster-2.png
Timo ENKirch

Founder & Teacher

Timo is trusted by embassies and large corporations to offer courses to diplomats and executives, but always loves being in his classes with students from all over the world. His passion is teaching German in a very easy, coherent, professional and accessible way. Learning German was never so relaxed and efficient like with GermanStudios.


Top Dog

Daisy, the magic of GermanStudios sometimes appears in the camera to motivate you and say hello. She gives you a smile when you get the dative right.  

For regular updates and pictures of our GermanStudios top dog Daisy, follow us on social media!

Let's have a Chat

I want at any time to support you to learn German and also help you with all other questions referring the German courses, German lessons or individual needs. Are you unsure about which German course you want to book, or perhaps you have a special concern? I am here for you! You can send an e-mail or contact directly via Whats App.

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