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Level B2.2 - Time 18:45

Group lessons of 2h with maximum 4-8 people, via Zoom and Google Docs.

  • Ended
  • 295 Euro
  • High quality online live German class with Zoom + digital board

Available spots

Service Description

Mo.-Do. 18:45-20:45 In the second part of the B2.2 German course, we focus particularly on the topic of work and professional life, since the B2 level is often a prerequisite for a job in Germany. During the German course, we prepare with some similar exercises for an exam, such as TELC or Goethe exam. We confirm attendance with grades after each completion of a full level, so that each student has a proof of this, which he or she needs for his or her CV or work. It’s particularly important in B2, so we’re mentioning this point here. Other topics in B2.2 German teaching are university, politics and business, combined with literary texts and high-quality writing of e-mails, letters or even minutes and summaries of texts or events. The grammar in the B2.2 course is mostly related to an extension of what has been learned and a transformation into a higher quality alternative to a sentence structure or a choice of words. Therefore, the content of German teaching is again subjunctive 2, linked to the past. In addition, we deal with the topics of word placement, sentence structure TEKAMOLO, conditional information, indirect speech associated with the correct quotation. Here, of course, passivary forms or noun-verb connections, similar to metaphors, must not be missing. In summary, the B2.2 German course offers a final consolidation of what we have already learned in our previous German courses. The topics listed here are parts of the German course at GermanStudios, but not the entire content of German lessons. This description is intended only as a guide and as an introduction to the content of the German language course. We place great emphasis on speaking in our German lessons, so that you not only learn a lot of theory but also enough practice. At GermanStudios, teaching is always varied and challenging, but never overwhelming. Harmony and fun must of course not be lacking.

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