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Hurray, GermanStudios has a new face!

It’s finally time. GermanStudios has a new look like and you will love it.

GermanStudios is now a pure online language school for German.

Why did we take that step? During the pandemic, we realized that learning German online works at least as well as in our classroom. We believe that online German lessons can be more effective if you use the right learning methods and features. This is what we have been thinking about, and during the pandemic we have developed unique and highly effective learning methods that our students love and that have been very successful. For us ,online German lessons have the advantage that you can take part in our German course from anywhere. You don’t have to take a trip to GermanStudios, you learn German from where you want to. Comfortable in your home, on a trip or perhaps in your office. You are so flexible in terms of time, you can also attend classes in between and have much less stress. That’s exactly what we want. You should learn German effectively and at the highest possible level at GermanStudios, but without stress, without overtaxing and in a cozy atmosphere.

Thanks to the worldwide link, we can reach even more German students with our online German courses and give those who are not in Berlin an opportunity to learn German.

In class, you always have a script open, so that you always know exactly what the topic of the German course is. You’re not busy copying a blackboard picture from the teacher all the time. We’ll write for you. This means that you can use your energy to understand and improve the German languages, not waste your energy copying the teacher’s notes

And one more thing about saving time.

Perhaps some German students think that pronunciation and listening in the online German course might be a problem. We tell you with confidence, it’s not a problem. It works flawlessly and very effective. What about the writing? Here, too, we see advantages over classic and old-fashioned German lessons. Texts can be inserted into the script so that all students can see what was written in German lessons or as homework. In the normal German course only some texts are read out and you have to try to understand the words.

Not with us! Through the visualization in our online German courses, you can better train your understanding of the texts, learn new vocabulary faster, because each student uses different vocabulary and you can learn from the spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes of the other students.

Why? Because you see the mint he script and we mark the errors so that you can compare the original text and the corrected text.

Another advantage of the online German course is that you can download the script at any time and edit it for yourself. In addition, the document is available to you for a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about us deleting the document. You can always ask us for the script after you have finished your German course, should you have lost it.

We’ll always help you as much as we can.

There are so many other advantages to learning German online, but see for your self and take part in an online German course at GermanStudios.

We now also have Semi-Intensive German courses for all students who have little time and still want to learn German online.

If you want to get even more impressions, please read our reviews on Google. Our students report in detail about their experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you and your messages.


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